Beauty Glam - Look 3

A bold and fiery power is represented in this look. Metallic gold adorns the eyes fringed with burnt oranges and highlighted with luminous silk golds. Alluring intensity is created by the classic winged eyeliner, extending with feline prowess. The impact is of this modern color palette and quintessential liner provokes a daring and venturous perception. The skin is flawless, in full coverage, while still retaining a translucent quality with illuminated highlight effects. The cheeks are infused with color and complement the eyes. Leaving the lips to subtly shine under the tinted gleam of the gloss medley.
Korak 1The skin is brightened with HIGHLIGHTER I BRONZER 'Shimmering Event Foundation' (gold), applied to the high points of the bone structure, with higher concentration on the cheekbones. Dermacolor Camouflage Creme 4 g is applied to balance the skin tone and conceal where needed. 'Ultra Foundation' Kremasti puder is then layered as the base. Dual Finish paleta 6 boja (Contouring) helps to shape the face in complementary highlights and contours. highlighter & bronzer 'Glamour Glow' (glamour tan) is blended into the tops of the cheekbones for radiant highlight.
Korak 2HD Cream Liner (fruity orange) is applied to the eye lid. Variety paleta sjenila 18 boja (V 2), Sjenilo za oči s mat efektom (AB 13) is blended over the top, followed by Sjenilo za oči s mat efektom (mandarin) and Sjenilo za oči s mat efektom (RB 21) in the socket line and underneath the bottom lashes. HD Living Color (silk gold) in the inner corners for highlight, while Holographic pigmenti (rainbow) and Holographic pigmenti (kaleidoscope) add shine to the center of the eye lids. HD Cream Liner (ebony) is applied for winged liner and the lashes are coated with Dermacolor Light maskara (black). Eyebrow Powder defines the brows.
Korak 3The lip line is defined using Faceliner olovka za usne i oči (24). The tip of the Faceliner olovka za usne i oči is then softened by dipping it in Makeup Blend 30 ml before penciling in the rest of the lips. highlighter & bronzer 'Glamour Glow' (moon dust) is then applied to the cupid’s bow as highlight detail. High Gloss sjajilo za usne (touch) is the applied all over the lips followed by High Gloss sjajilo za usne (beach) which is layered into the center and blended out. The skin is finished using Dual Finish paleta 6 boja (Contouring). Complementary shades add coverage and controlling shine.

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