Digital Complexion Look 1

Korak 1In preparation Dermacolor Moisturizer Cream is applied all over the face following a deep cleanse with Natural Cleansing Lotion 500 ml from the Clean & Care range. To achieve balanced skin, the face is then moisturized and smoothed using the Digital Complexion Primer for Dry Skin, which is applied with the Blue Master Foundation Kist, Mali. To help counteract the pigmentation under the eyes, Digital Complexion Neutralizer, korektor za neutralizaciju tonova (DCN 47), is gently blended using the Blue Master Concealer kist za korektor, concentrating the impact of the salmon pink cream on the darkest areas.
Korak 2To cover the neutralizer and achieve a camouflage, Digital Complexion Korektor (P 02) and Digital Complexion Korektor (O 12), are mixed together and then gentle pressed over the top to brighten the area under the eyes. Digital Complexion tekući puder is then selected as the foundation. Digital Complexion tekući puder (O 15) and Digital Complexion tekući puder (P 02) are mixed together on the Make-up Blending pločica using the Make-up spatula za miješanje. This is then blended evenly across the face, using the Blue Master Foundation Kist, Veliki, to perfect the complexion.
Korak 3Digital Complexion Kremasti puder (P 01) is then applied as a highlighter and blended in on the top of the cheekbones, down the center of the nose and brow bone. Digital Complexion Kremasti puder (P 02) and Digital Complexion Kremasti puder (D 34) are then mixed together to create a subtle shading tone and used to softly contour the face. This shadowing is applied using the soft and fluffy Blue Master Multi-Purpose Blender Kist, Veliki. Digital Complexion Puder u prahu is buffed into the base to control shine where needed. To complete the look Ruž za usne Sheer (kate) adds a hint of color to the lips and HD Cream Liner (cacao)is brushed through the lashes as mascara.

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