Easy Christmas make-up idea

Korak 1Once the skin has been cleansed and prepped, a minimal layer of Ultra Underbase is applied to hydrate and prime the skin before using the Digital Complexion range (Concealer, Fluid, and Cream Foundation) to create a flawless party-ready base.
Korak 2Bronze, highlight, and blush are then layered on top to create a soft glow. For that, HIGHLIGHTER I BRONZER 'Shimmering Event Foundation' (golden beige) is lightly bounced onto the cheekbones using the Unicorn Perfecter Sponge. Then, a mix of tones from the Dual Finish paleta 6 boja and highlighter & bronzer 'Glamour Glow' are lightly swept on top.
Korak 3The brows are brushed up using Gel za obrve. After that, a base of HD Cream Liner is applied and softly blended onto the eyes for a warm smokey base. For this, Rosie used shades HD Cream Liner (cacao) and HD Cream Liner (sienna) mixed together. For a soft sheen, press HD Living Color (topaz) on top.
Korak 4A generous coat of Lash Revolution Maskara is then brushed through both the top and bottom lashes. Continue with the application of liner and gloss to the lips. Faceliner olovka za usne i oči (24) is used to line the lips. The liner is then slightly smudged before an intense shine is applied using High Gloss sjajilo za usne (crystal rose). To add an extra reflection and festive feel to the make-up, Glamour Sparks (copper) is pressed into the center of the lip.
Korak 5To complete the make-up, 'Translucent Powder' 60 g puder za fiksiranje (TL 1) is worked into the powder puff and pressed into areas that tend to get oily throughout the evening (under the eye, nose, chin, forehead). Then True Nature Glitter (silver) is pressed into the inner corners of the eyes and lightly brought through the crease of the eye to create a soft ombré effect. And you best do it like this: Place HD Cream Liner (sun kissed) generously into the inner corners of the eye and press the True Nature Glitter op top – so the glitter is well fixed, and you are ready for your Christmas party.

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