Otherworldly Bloom

This season we elevate our artistry beyond experimentalism and disrupt serene autumnal tones with energetic color palettes and statement accents. A pop of bold color injects positive energy and youthful spirit into the nostalgic, retro hues. Accents of ethereal metallics and the deep, earthy tones reflect nature’s mystery, soothing the mind, body and soul while flashes of vibrant brights empower optimism.

A theme of enlightenment flows through dual-toned, metallic detailing, high-shine gloss and natural, illuminated skin-from-within. Encouraging creative self-expression, we manifest painterly, freestyle designs inspired by elements of nature and the world around us. Minimalistic designs complement neutral base tones and texturized layers of creams and powders create depth and enigmatic intrigue. Like a breath of fresh air, features of light and radiance throughout this season’s trends transport us into a sphere of Otherworldly Bloom.
Hidden Mysteries - Lips
The entire lip is first coated in a layer of HD Cream Liner (ebony) mixed with HD Cream Liner (cacao) creating a deep obsidian. The lip line is defined with a fine brush before Supracolor 8 ml (095) is pressed into the center of the lips, resulting in a high-impact ombré effect. Glamour Sparks (noble sparks) are lightly pressed into the center with the finger adding a reflective finish. Finally, a glaze of High Gloss sjajilo za usne (crystal rose) is smeared over the complete design to add a super gloss finish. The cheeks are rouged with colorings of Himalayan Salt with Sjenilo za oči s mat efektom (candy).
Hidden Mysteries - Eyes
In this dark fantastical trend the eyes are dressed with an unusual pairing of orange and green ochre. Before the application of the striking pairing of orange and green ochre, a layer of Sjenilo za oči s mat efektom (SM) is blended into the socket line and met with a blended wash of Sjenilo za oči s mat efektom (moss) from the inner corner. The defused powdery tones create the perfect contrast once the creamy texture of High Gloss sjajilo za usne (crystal rose) mixed with Supracolor 8 ml (079) and Supracolor 8 ml (607) are placed over the complementary pigments. The result is the softly smoked alternative of this mystical fantasy.
Cryptic Gleam - Lips
An exaggerated cupid’s bow is key as well as a defined lip line, Contour Pencil olovka za oči i usne (513) provides this definition in the complementing lavender tones of this trend. Metallic fluids are important, representing this are Holographic pigmenti in 'solar', 'parrot', and 'atmosphere' blended with a mixture of High Gloss sjajilo za usne (crystal rose) and a hint of HIGHLIGHTER I BRONZER 'Shimmering Event Foundation' (silver) for the metallic vibe. This formula is then coated thickly over the entire lip creating an otherworldly metallic gloss.
Cryptic Gleam - Eyes
Embracing wintery tones with injections of lighter warm tones, HD Cream Liner (aubergine) is first applied over the eyelid. Pure Pigments (pure courage) are mixed with a touch of Sjenilo za oči s mat efektom (deep black), that has been scrapped from the compact and crushed into a loose powder. This concoction is then buffed into the eyelid and frames the bottom lash line. Polyester Glimmer sitni in 'pastel red', and 'maroon' in both Coarse and Fine are emerged in Multi Gel 10 ml, prozirni and dabbed into the inner corners of the eye up to the brows in a haphazard, playful application.
Double Drive - Lips
The intensity of the deep bordeaux is created by applying Lip Stain - mat ruž za usne (ska). Using a flat, rounded brush to densely apply the rich fluid. Precision is key, the lip line is well defined resulting in a full, matt impression. The cupid’s bow is enhanced by adding Holographic pigmenti (kaleidoscope) teamed with HD Living Color (amethyst) which is carefully pressed into the top lip line, creating a metallic impression. Skin is perfected with lightweight HIGHLIGHTER I BRONZER 'Shimmering Event Foundation' (amber) and a sheer layer of 'Ultra Foundation' Kremasti puder for a post-workout glow.
Double Drive - Eyes
In this look vibrant, fruity tones are blended all over the eyelid in the form of Viva Brilliant Color (orange). The pigment is blended through the socket line up to the brow bone and diffused to create a daring smokey eye. While the orange takes center stage, the cool concrete grey of HD Cream Liner (state grey) is blended underneath the bottom lash line and softened by adding Sjenilo za oči s mat efektom (stone) over the application. Pure Pigments Metallic (pure gold) is placed in the inner corners for a radiant finish.
Unruly Dance - Eyes
HD Cream Liner in 'sea green' is mixed with a touch of 'mud grey' and applied generously to the inner socket line, without precision, allowing the creamy texture to melt into the contours and natural plains of the eyelid. HD Cream Liner in 'dark orchid' and 'state grey' are then blended together creating a rich tone of a ripe berry, this shade frames the outer corners by stippling playfully around the lash and socket line. Supracolor 8 ml (blue 10) and HD Cream Liner in 'ebony' and 'snow' are then placed haphazardly around this framework creating accents of highlight and contrast.
Unruly Dance - Lips
An energetic color palette decorates the lips, fiery warm tones provide bold impact while flicks of gold creates flame like details. Lip Stain - mat ruž za usne (fusion) pressed in for density and applied with a fine brush to create a precise lip line. Pure Pigments Metallic (pure gold) is then infused with Mixing Medium and, with a fine tipped brush, is painted over in decorative swirls. Finally, a layer of High Gloss sjajilo za usne (crystal rose) creates a high-shine finish over the rich tones. Skin has a youthful dew provided by HIGHLIGHTER I BRONZER 'Shimmering Event Foundation' (pearl) with a touch of Supracolor 8 ml (081) for blush.
Bright Blaze - Lips
Bright bold pinks dominate the lips in this direction but are softened by blotting and blending the edges. Ruž za usne Classic (LC 071) is layered generously to the center of the lips for an opaque effect. With a tissue, the edges are then encouraged to softly blur in contrast to the dense central application of color, resulting in a semi-matt finish. 'Ultra Foundation' Kremasti puder is sheered down with HIGHLIGHTER I BRONZER 'Shimmering Event Foundation' (amber) for a fresh look on the skin. HD Micro Finish Powder is lightly dusted over to bring a velvety quality to the finish.
Bright Blaze - Eyes
A stunning contrast of matt and metallic effect powders are layered in this look. HD Cream Liner (emerald) is applied over the eyelid and under the bottom lash line. Satin Powder (SP 656), a soft moss green, is buffed on top creating a chrome like reflection. Sjenilo za oči s mat efektom in ‘S5’ strengthens the outer crescent of the socket line and inner corner up to the start of the brows. Satin Powder (SP 121), a silvery ash tone, is applied to the inner corners of the eye a swept across the center of the lid, up to the brow bone, for a cool toned highlight.
Sublime Longing - Lips
Lip Stain - mat ruž za usne (urban) creates a hint of brown undertone by being pressed in underneath a central application of Lip Stain - mat ruž za usne (metal). The lip line is precisely accentuated with a fine brush increasing the dramatic impression. The two teamed together create a dark and moody feel that is lifted subtly by a light dusting of Polyester Glimmer sitni (multicolor), layered into the center. High Gloss sjajilo za usne (crystal rose) is sparingly applied over the entire lip for a moist effect. Ruž za usne Classic (LC 212) is blended in for blush with a concentration on the apples of the cheeks.
Sublime Longing - Eyes
HD Cream Liner (sunshine) is muted by mixing it with HD Cream Liner (snow). This is applied over the eyelid before Sjenilo za oči s mat efektom (lemon) is layered providing a bright pop of energized color with a powdery finish. Adding a retro element, Sjenilo za oči s mat efektom in 'cloud' and ‘AB90’ are pressed in, with a firm angle brush, creating a diffused liner traveling through from the inner bottom corner and winging out at the root of the top lash line. Polyester Glimmer srednji (multicolor) is pressed in below the bottom lash line and along the top of the cheek bone adding a nostalgic drama.

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