Pop of Soda 1

Look 1
HD Cream Liner (aubergine) creates a tight circle around the entire eye in a dense application and gently diffused at the edges using the Blue Master Eye Shadow Contour Kist, Mali. From the Variety paleta sjenila 18 boja (V 6) SA131 is pressed in over the top adding an interesting nuance of tone. RB62 from the same palette is buffed around this detail and all the way up to the brow before being winged out creating an over extended point to the eye make-up. HD Cream Liner (ebony) is carefully applied into the waterlines and layered as mascara. High Gloss sjajilo za usne (crystal rose) is pressed into the center of the lid for a dewy finish.
Look 2
From the Coloring Vision paleta 18 boja (Vivid) shade Green 42 is selected to create a base over the eyelid and underneath the bottom lashes. Pure Pigments (pure ecstasy) is buffed over the eyelid up to the socket line and blended out at the corners. Then from the same range Pure Pigments (pure envy) frames the lid by being buffed into the socket line and underneath the bottom lash line. Sjenilo za oči s mat efektom (turquoise) is selected to layer over this application and helps to transition the two colors together in a soft halo of green hues. Pure Pigments (pure envy) is then sprinkled over the inner corners of the lid and allowed to drop onto the face for textured detailing.
Look 3
As a base HD Cream Liner (aqua) is swept straight across the eye lid underneath the brow from the inner corner of the eye using the Blue Master Concealer kist za korektor and then blended down to the lash line and underneath the bottom lashes in an abstract style. Sjenilo za oči s mat efektom (caribbean) is buffed over the top providing a softer hue of the shade. Then using the Make-up spatula za miješanje and Make-up Blending pločica, the surface of Sjenilo za oči s mat efektom (aqua) is gently scrapped creating a loose powder. This is loaded onto the Professional kist za sjenilo 16 and tapped over the detail creating a soft mottled effect, with a focus under the bottom lashes.
Look 4
HD Cream Liner (ebony) and HD Cream Liner (aqua) are mixed together to create a deep shade of navy blue. A translucent wash is buffed onto the eyelid in an almond shape. Using the Excellence Angular Brush 8 the blend is then applied as a sharp graphic eyeliner. Starting at the center of the top lash line the detail continues at a gradient until it is in line with the tail of the brow, the liner is then joined at the corner of the eye. Pure Pigments (pure trust) is generously loaded onto a flat brush and using a tapping action on the handle, the loose powder is carefully layered with a concentration on the inner corner and under the bottom lash line.
Look 5
HD Cream Liner (snow) and HD Cream Liner (aqua) are mixed together and applied using the Blue Master Eye Shadow Blending kist with a focus on the inner corners of the eye. The blend is then buffed along the top and bottom lash lines and up into the socket line leaving the natural skin tone free from product on the outer halves of the eyelid. Sjenilo za oči s mat efektom (caribbean) and Sjenilo za oči s mat efektom (cloud), in a wash of colors, are pressed into this base and blended at the edges to soften the detail. The complementary hues are flicked out at the ends of the socket line creating interesting extensions from the top of the socket line using the Blue Master Eye Shadow Contour Kist, Mali.
Look 6
The eyelids are highlighted with a dusting of highlighter & bronzer 'Glamour Glow' (bronzing sun) from the lashes up to the brow bone. HD Cream Liner (ebony) is then layered onto the top and bottom eyelashes for definition using the flat surface of the Premium kist za obrve. The detail is then created by mixing Lip Stain - mat ruž za usne (pop) with High Gloss sjajilo za usne (crystal rose) resulting in a vibrant fuchsia pink with ultra-shine. The Illusion Fuller Line Brush is loaded with the blend and applied in a painterly fashion over the eyelid. As the detail is created the brush is twisted in the fingers at the same time as traveling it across the eye lid creating interesting shapes.

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