Pro Tips

Eye Hacks Q&A

We asked our experts all around the world and collected some interesting eye hacks for you.

How to avoid eyeshadow from creasing?

One tip is to always use an Baza za sjenilo za oči before applying eyeshadow. An alternative to that would be to layer eyeshadow on top of a silicone-based product such as HD Cream Liner to make it longer lasting. The silicone locks in the pigment and then sets. Silicone-based creams are very flexible, so it can move with the eye without dropping any of the pigment from the eyeshadow. It also makes the eye make-up touch-proof and water-resistant.

How to intensify the color of powdered eyeshadow?

Our tip is to layer your eyeshadow on top of a similar color in Supracolor 8 ml. This will intensify the color and makes it also more durable as it also functions as a primer. Supracolor 8 ml is a high-pigmented cream foundation available in many shades. Another tip is to apply eyeshadow on top of HD Cream Liner (snow). The white surface makes the color of your eyeshadow really pop.

What’s the right way to adhere fake lashes?

Our pro tip is to first apply a layer of mascara. This helps to blend the lashes together and avoids any over-application of mascara onto the fake lashes. Measure the lashes according to your eye shape and cut away any access product that is not needed. Apply Ljepilo za trepavice Pro 15 g and allow it to become tacky before applying the lashes. When putting on the fake lashes, start from the middle to the outer corner to make sure the lashes stick perfectly and are comfortable while wearing.

How to apply glitter to eyes?

Multi Gel 50 ml, prozirni is a good product if you want to adhere glitter to the eyes. Sweep a small amount of it over the eye and use the same flat brush to pick up the glitter. Then press it onto the Multi Gel 50 ml, prozirni on the eye. Keep in mind to dab and not blend it as you will lift the glitter, and it can fall onto your skin. For intense looks, it’s advisable to prepare the eye before applying foundation. This prevents the fallout from sticking to your base.

How to fix a misdrawn eyeliner?

First, always wait a few minutes before correcting any mistakes while drawing the eyeliner, as this can destroy the whole result. For correcting minor parts, we recommend using the very effective Make-up korektor pen. Makeup Blend 30 ml and Premium kist za obrve are also great and very effective when it comes to sharpening liners and correcting flicks.

How to improve my blending technique when it comes to applying eyeshadow?

Building colors from light to dark helps when blending your eyeshadow. The colors themselves help with the impression of color gradients. Soft, tapered brushes are also of great help. They disperse the fine pigments of eyeshadow and speed up the blending time.

How to do eye contouring?

Using darker tones of eyeshadow in the socket line will contour your eye make-up. It’s advisable to start with a lighter tone first and then gradually add darker tones in the crease. Sweeping a tapered, domed brush backward and forward through the eye socket will help to graduate the pigment on the eye and the brow bone. Once all colors have been applied, use a clean brush to work over the blending. This will prevent adding more color and softens the application to achieve an ombré effect of colors.

How can I make my eyes appear bigger?

Highlighting the inner corner of the eye with highlighter & bronzer 'Glamour Glow' or Sjenilo za oči s efektom sedefa opens the eye and makes it appear bigger. For beauty applications of eye make-up, always apply the lighter colors on the inside corners and work out to the darkest color on the outer corner and socket line. It is also advisable to either avoid contouring the eye or cheat the contour by applying it above the natural socket line to help open the eye area.