How do the current trend colors of 2022 positively influence your emotional world

This year's summer trend look is once again packed with color and stylistic inspirations to brighten up your sunny days. Some of last year's shades are back in a slightly different form and often build unusual color syntheses in combination with new colors. In 2022, however, we don't just want you to take part in creative looks and color games. We also want to show you how the various trend colors affect your mood. The psychology of colors ranges from the differentiation of nuances of the same hue and their effect on the viewer to the cultural association with individual colors. We show you which mood our trend colors create.

Color in shape

When different color families meet, and unique application techniques are used, our summer trend look is close by. Soft, flattering tones that slightly go into pastel are just as present as nuances that immediately catch the eye. Especially in a digital context, the first one mentioned has a calming and mentally cleansing effect. Deep shadows in individual looks make each nuance sometimes appear stronger, sometimes weaker in the eye.

Here you can find a small overview of some of our focus colors of this year's trend look:

Hot Pink, Caribbean

A rich pink in the form of Sjenilo za oči s mat efektom (hot pink) is attractive and radiates vitality and a positive mood. Blue tones like ‘Caribbean’ from our Variety paleta sjenila 18 boja (V 2) form a great contrast to the pink and radiate reliability and confidence.

Solar, Cheery

Holographic pigmenti (solar) is a slightly washed-out yellow that adds a touch of subtle glamour. Combined with ‘Cheery’ from our Cream Color Circle Interferenz (Sense), which is going more towards orange, the color acts as an optical light source energizing and thus positively affects your well-being.

TK 2, R 21, BG G, Petrol

The trend colors Supracolor 8 ml (TK 2) and Supracolor 8 ml (R 21) have a calming and grounding effect. ‘BG G’ of our Variety paleta sjenila 18 boja (V 1) adds a light, dramatic touch. Sjenilo za oči s mat efektom (petrol) is a light shade of green that adds clean chic to any make-up while looking very natural.

Ocean Blue

The aquamarine shade True Nature Glitter (ocean blue) forms an interface between augmented reality and artificial intelligence and is thus representative of a world full of digital changes.

Magenta, Orange

Aquacolor Soft Cream UV-Dayglow 50 ml (UV magenta) is a radiant shade of red that exudes strength and enthusiasm. The playful Aquacolor Soft Cream UV-Dayglow 50 ml (UV orange) brings a subtle youthfulness to the face.


Black (here in form of Supracolor refil (071)) is always an option. And this year, too, the tone is one of our trend colors. It has an elegant and seductive effect on the observer. Light gloss conjures up a mysterious touch.

Fruity Orange, Purple

The gentle shade HD Cream Liner (fruity orange) has an optimistic, playful effect. The mixture of yellow and dark orange beams you to the tropics in a second. In great contrast, True Nature Glitter (purple) radiates serenity and tranquility.

Fresh G, Green 42

‘Fresh G’ of our Cream Color Circle Interferenz (Sense) gives a hint of hedonism. The color Supracolor refil (green 42) is reminiscent of typical, ancient baths and, in a way, associates healing and protection.

Try the above color combinations, and you will notice not only a difference in your mood but also in the mood of other people when looking at your make-up. Positivity should all be around.