Bloody/golden tear drop

The skin is first cleansed with the Natural Cleansing Oil 120 ml and Natural Micellar Water 120 ml. This ensures that the connection between the Artex and the skin is not affected by product residues or natural oils on the skin.
Step 1
Artex is decanted with two separate spatulas to prevent curing in both jars. Before mixing, Pure Pigments Metallic (pure orange) and Pure Pigments Metallic (pure ruby) are added to part A of the formulation consisting of parts A and B – mix the glitter pigments thoroughly. In a ratio of 50:50 of A and B, blend the two silicone components together.

Once the consistency thickens, the colored silicone mixture is picked up with the spatula and applied to the skin below the tear duct. The thick, paste-like consistency naturally runs down the face to form the 3D tear. The edge of the Artex closest to the eye is then carefully worked into the skin in the inner corner of the eye.
Step 2
To achieve a high gloss transition effect, Pure Pigments Metallic (pure orange) is applied to the corner of the eye where the Artex meets the natural skin. To emphasize the 3D effect, Pure Pigments Metallic (pure ruby) is used with a fine brush to the part of the outer edges of the teardrop.

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