Creating a wound

Before the actual effects make-up application, apply Digital Complexion tekući puder to the face.
Step 1
Mix the same amount of Artex components A and B (in a 1:1 ratio) on a Make-up Mixing Spatula & Blending Plate Set. Use different Make-up spatula za miješanje so that the individual components do not harden. Build up the mixture on a selected area and let the edges blend into the skin as seamlessly as possible. While the Artex is still wet, create an opening in the center by removing the product with a Make-up Mixing Spatula. This creates a 3-dimensional impression of the wound.
Step 2
Apply Perfect Matt to reduce the shine of the Artex wound and prepare it for the following make-up.
Step 3
To color the wound and surrounding area, apply Body Illustration Make-up Color paleta 18 boja (FX) in the shade 080 with a Rubber Pore Sponge and brush. The colors of the above palette must be mixed with BIC Activator to create a translucent veil of color for a more realistic effect.
Step 4
Decorate the wound with Nakit samoljepljivi dijamanti kristali za tijelo (red). To make them stick better, apply them with Ljepilo za trepavice Pro 4 g and adhere the individual stones in random clusters and in different sizes.
Step 5
Now apply Hydro Spirit Gum MASTIX LJEPILO 12 ml to the wound and press on a mixture of Polyester Glimmer sitni (bright red) and True Nature Glitter (red).
Step 6
Next, press on Metallic mikro flakes (gold) with a fine brush and carefully work in more Body Jewels.
Step 7
Finish the wound with Supreme Blood External 50 ml (dark). Apply the fake blood with a small brush to ensure that the application does not exceed the embellishment.

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