First, the skin is cleansed with Natural Micellar Water 120 ml and, thus, prepared for make-up. The cleansed skin is then rinsed off with water.
Step 1
Gently draw the contours (outlines) of the skull with Faceliner olovka za usne i oči (60) on the model's face.
Step 2
Now fill in the areas outlined with Faceliner with Aquacolor 8 ml (070). The eye area, the tip of the nose, and part of the cheeks are left out.
Step 3
In the next step, draw shadow accents with Aquacolor 8 ml (32 B). To do this, start at the edges of the bone structure. Shadows are painted on the eyebrows, temples, cheeks, laughter lines, and chin.
Step 4
The same as in step 3 is now done with the help of shade Aquacolor 8 ml (32 A). The color helps to give more depth to the bone structure and make it look more plastic.
Step 5
Now, the areas around the eyes, nose, and cheeks that are still without make-up are filled in with Aquacolor 8 ml (071 deep black).
Step 6
Using a very fine brush and the same color as in the above step, now paint on the teeth, the jawbone, and small cracks.
Step 7
Aquacolor 8 ml (071 deep black) is used in this step to create delicate splashes. Use Illusion Fun Fur kist for this.
Step 8
Color the hair with Color Spray (D 20). Spray the product from a distance of about 30 cm.
Step 9
On the neck and décolleté, follow a similar procedure as on the face. Paint both areas with Aquacolor 8 ml (070) and then draw contours using Aquacolor 8 ml (32 B) and Aquacolor 8 ml (32 A) and Aquacolor 8 ml (071 deep black).
Step 10
Now, the skull make-up is ready. To make it last longer, fix it with Fixing Spray 75 ml.

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