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Eyebrow Q&A

As we have pointed out in our brow history, the definition of perfect eyebrows is always also a reflection of the specific time. In recent years, the trend has been towards naturalness with a slight tendency towards bushier brows. But even if trends play an important role, a perfect brow is always an individual decision.
As the most expressive lines on the face, the shape of eyebrows has a decisive influence on a person's overall appearance and charisma. That's why make-up requires both technical perfection and the right analysis of shape, direction, and color intensity.

We asked our experts and summarized the most important questions and answers about eyebrows in a Q&A.

What mistakes do most people make when it comes to eyebrows?

Many people make the mistake of choosing a brow shape that is not right for them, and they are often even asymmetrical. Also, when too much product is applied, it often makes the brows appear unnatural. The same applies when using too dark colors.

Do thick eyebrows suit everyone?

In principle, yes. Thick eyebrows make a person look younger. In fact, however, not everyone has naturally thick eyebrows. They can be visually filled with eyebrow powder so that an effect of ‘Bushy Brows’ is created.

Which eyebrow shape suits me?

The shape of your face and the natural shape of your brows play a crucial role. Use a brush, eyeliner pencil, or a ruler and place it first on the outer wing of the nose and the inner corner of the eye. This should be the starting point of your brow. Now start again at the outer wing of the nose and place your brush/eyeliner/ruler towards the center of the pupil. The point where your tool meets the brow is your natural brow arch. Finally, place your tool back on the outer wing of your nose and place it towards the outer corner of your eye. This is the endpoint of your brow. Always draw small dots at the relevant points so that you don't forget where to start when you draw afterward.

Which color suits me?

If you have very light eyebrows, an Puder za obrve that is about 2 shades darker than your natural hair color will suit you. If you have very dark eyebrows, a shade that is 2 shades lighter can accentuate your eye color nicely.

How can I effectively cover scars in my eyebrows?

If you want to cover a scar, it is recommended to apply some foundation beforehand. This can be lightly smoothed over the area to be covered. Now your eye product (e.g., a powder) adheres better, and you can work with it more easily.

How do I use eyebrow powder?

To achieve a slight effect of fuller brows, the use of Eyebrow Powder is recommended. Use a firm, angled brush to pick up the product and tap off the excess. Now sweep the powder onto the brow from bottom to top. Be sure to apply a little more product at the beginning and bottom of the brow to create an ombré effect. Use the tip of your brush to extend the end of your brow slightly.

My eyebrow powder doesn't last all day. What can I do?

Eyebrow Powder can be applied dry or wet. If you like it smudge-proof, use it in combination with Cake Eye Liner Sealer.

Which product is best for me? Powder, pencil, or a setting gel?

Here it all depends on the effect you want to achieve. Powder products give a softer, more natural effect. Pencils are suitable for defining and opaque applications. They are also great for imitating small hairs. If you're a beginner at eyebrow make-up, pencils are a good choice. Once you feel confident, you can switch to powder and brushes. Gel za obrve can be used either as a stand-alone product or as a final fixative.

My eyebrows stick out on all sides. What can I do?

It is best to use a strong setting gel-like Gel za obrve (clear). It even helps with very stubborn men's brows.

I have made a mistake in applying eyebrow make-up. What can I do?

When applying make-up in the morning, most people are in a hurry. If you paint over your brows once, it's not a problem at all. Small mistakes can be corrected either with a Digital Complexion Korektor or a Make-up korektor. Alternatively, a cotton swab with Natural Micellar Water 500 ml also helps.

How do you use an eyebrow stencil?

There are different types of Set šablona za obrve. Therefore, some have a ribbon and can be tied together at the head, which allows a freehand application. These stencils are mainly used when working with airbrush.

Conventional Eyebrow Stencils are reversible and are simply placed on the brow. They are carefully aligned with the lower line of the arch. While the product is applied, the stencil is held in place with the other hand. The best option here is to fill in with Eyebrow Powder, as it can be applied softer and with individual coverage. The stencil can then be easily cleaned, and the other brow filled with the reverse side.

How do I get "Bushy Brows" if I naturally have very thin and patchy brows?

The trick in terms of the ‘Bushy Brow’ trend is to comb the brows entirely upwards, for example, with Eyebrow Forming Gel. This already makes the eyebrows look a lot fuller. For the actual filling, you can draw small hairs, for instance, with an HD Cream Liner in your shade and a small, angled brush, which are drawn from the bottom to the top.