Pro Tips

How to get perfect
shaped Eyebrows

Are natural eyebrows perfect eyebrows? Not quite, but very close. Eyebrows are often too light, too bushy, or even too narrow by nature so that they do not perfectly round off the overall impression of the face. The starting color and shape and your natural facial features play a decisive role in the perfect brow.
Even if you already have a lovely initial brow, you can still help nature along with a few make-up tricks which positively influence your appearance on other people.

Our Global Head of Make-up Paul Merchant, explains how to style eyebrows properly.

Natural eyebrow make-up in three steps

To get perfect-shaped eyebrows, use your nostrils as a starting point. Take a straight tool like a brush, eyeliner pencil, or a ruler and then do the following:
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  • Place the tool on the outer side of your nostril and align it straight with the inner corner of your eye. This should be the point where your eyebrow starts.

  • Now, place the same tool again on the side of the nostril and align it through the eye's pupil while looking straight ahead. This should be the point where the arc begins.

  • Then, apply the tool a third time to the side of the nostril and aim it at the outer corner of the eye. This should be the point where your eyebrow ends.

  • </ol>As you follow the three steps, draw a small dot at the appropriate spot each time so that it’s easier when filling in your brows later.

    Tools to shape for perfect eyebrows

    The choice of color depends on the skin tone, eye color as well as hair color. As a rule, brows are two shades lighter or darker than the natural hair color (on the head). If you have very dark eyes, you can confidently choose an Puder za obrve that is two shades lighter than your hair color. This will discreetly accentuate your eyes. Otherwise, a shade that is two shades darker than your hair color is recommended.

    Did you know? Eyebrow Powder can be applied both dry and wet. If you use Eyebrow Powder in combination with the Cake Eye Liner Sealer, it even becomes smudge-proof.

    Now it's time to fill in the brows. Use a firm, angled brush to apply Eyebrow Powder and tap off the excess. Using the steps above, first, apply the brush to the lower line of the brow and then gently sweep upward through the brow hairs. The color concentration should be most intense at the lower baseline at the beginning of the brow and fade out toward the end of the brow, just like an ombré effect. Use the flat tip of an angled brush to lengthen the end of the brow slightly.

    When filling in, make sure not to cover the brows with too much color. To achieve a natural foundation, fine hairs can be drawn from the bottom to the top after applying Eyebrow Powder. To do this, simply choose a Faceliner olovka za usne i oči, Contour Pencil olovka za oči i usne or HD Cream Liner of your color and draw as realistically as possible. Practice makes perfect.

    It is always a good idea to fix the eyebrows with Gel za obrve for the crowning touch. Make sure that the right amount of product sticks to the applicator when pulling it out. Too little will minimize the effect, and too much will result in a flaky effect once the gel dries. Starting at the bottom of the hair, sweep the gel over the entire length of the hair in the direction you want the hair to lie. Now let the gel dry for a few seconds.