Pro Tips

How to Lip Gloss

We love lip gloss! It forgives small mistakes, can even be applied without a mirror, and makes the lips instantly look juicy, moisturized, and – if it contains plumping ingredients – even fuller.
You might know that lip gloss includes fewer color pigments than lipstick and doesn’t last as long. Still, there is rarely a make-up product that is as versatile as a lip gloss. Especially in summer, glossy lips combined with a fresh beach look and dewy skin make a perfect combination. Be aware that in summer, generally, more resistant products are recommendable. Depending on the level of heat, gloss could move due to the fact it doesn’t set, but in the summer evenings, gloss could still be worn, which in the end really depends on temperatures and climates.

Lip Gloss used as an eye make-up

Did you know? Next to directly applying the product on bare lips, on top of any lipstick, face liner, contour pencil, or lip stain, a more creative way of using a lip gloss is to put it on the eyelids for super glossy finishes or a wet make-up look. Mixing the High Gloss sjajilo za usne (crystal rose) with any of the Pure Pigments gives a stunning lacquer finish, and mixed with Pure Pigments Metallic or Satin Powder also creates a liquid metal effect on the eyelids.

You can also mix in Polyester Glimmer sitni with lip gloss to create bespoke colors, finishes, and textures. But keep in mind: It works much better with the more translucent shades, some of the fully opaque glosses just absorb the pigments, and they’re not seen.

How to spot a good lip gloss?

Cuan, our Head of Make-up in South Africa, suggests that “lip gloss shouldn’t make a stringy effect and should ideally nourish the lips as well. The High Gloss sjajilo za usne contains vitamin E which is great for maintaining healthy lips”.

Paul, Global Head of Make-up, recommends: “A good lip gloss should feel comfortable to wear, not too sticky, the consistency should be thick enough to apply a solid coverage of color. The consistency also helps to prevent the gloss from traveling too much. And, as the name suggests, a good gloss should give you a nice amount of shine. When it comes to clear gloss or slightly tinted like High Gloss sjajilo za usne (crystal rose) is great when you already have a beautiful natural lip color.”