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Dewy Skin Make-up Tutorial
by MUA Paul Merchant

Dewy skin is originally a make-up trend from Korea. It means to give your eyes, cheeks, lips, or cupid bow a high-gloss, wet-look appearance. Especially in the summer months, this make-up trend always has a revival as it makes your skin appear fresh without it looking like being oily – at least that’s what everyone is trying to achieve.
Our Global Head of Make-up Paul Merchant, explains which products and application techniques to use to really get a perfectly yet naturally looking dewy skin.

The Base is everything

The key to achieving that perfectly dewy skin look is as much in the preparation as it is in the make-up application. The skin should be as hydrated and supple as possible, and excess oils need to be controlled so that the dewy effect is in all the right places. Drier skin types should start with the Natural Cleansing Lotion 500 ml from the Clean & Care range and then moisturize with something enriching like the Dermacolor Collagen Cream. For oily skin types controlling excess oil is key; after cleansing the skin with either Natural Micellar Water 500 ml or Natural Cleansing Oil 250 ml, depending on your skin’s preference, use a primer like Perfect Matt or HD Micro Primer BAZA in the areas of high shine. This will help to control where the shine is visible on the skin.

How to get a Dewy Skin with Kryolan Products

There are several ways to create a dewy skin effect. For a more natural result, start by buffing HIGHLIGHTER I BRONZER 'Shimmering Event Foundation' in the shade suited to your skin tone into the high points of the face. Concentrate on the cheek and brow bones, and blend in a little on the chin and bridge of the nose. Next, select a lightweight foundation with a sheer to medium coverage with a satin to dewy finish, depending on how much luminosity you prefer on the skin. Light, fresh foundations teamed with luminizers provide us with a healthy warmth and glow to our complexion. We would suggest our Digital Complexion tekući puder for the perfect balance. Buff the foundation all over the face, including the areas you applied the Shimmering Event Foundation. This will softly mix the two formulas together as your skin starts to give the impression that it is glowing from within.

Using the Digital Complexion Korektor in a suitable skin tone adds more coverage to any areas that require a little more coverage or show signs of redness. Once the skin is looking perfect, take a small amount of highlighter & bronzer 'Glamour Glow' (juicy moon) from the Elegance palette of the Glamour Glow range, and sweep it across the apples of the cheek using the Blue Blue Master Angled Powder veliki kist za puder. Next, select a soft bronzing tone from the same palette that’s suitable for your skin tone, and using the Blue Master Blending kist Small apply to the eyelids.

Next, groom the brow hair with Gel za obrve and add a light layer of Lash Innovation Maskara. For the all-important finishing touches that will help to create the perfect summery dew, take a small amount of KREMASTI HIGHLIGHTER 'ILLUSION' in a complementary tone and, with your finger, pat lightly into the tops of the cheekbone, brow bone, inner corners of the eye, and the bow of the lips. Ruž za usne Sheer is the perfect combination to team with this look. Select a shade closest to your natural lip coloring and work into the lips like a balm.