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Face Primer:
Why and How to use it

A Face primer is usually a transparent base that is applied before make-up to make the result appear more even. Small wrinkles, pores, and skin imperfections are 'filled,' and the skin thus becomes a perfect base for the application of make-up.

Benefits of using Primer

What do you need a make-up primer for, and what does it do? When your skin is textured and needs smoothing out, a primer will help your foundation sit more evenly. This means that pores and small wrinkles are visually filled; even acne scars look less noticeable with the help of a good primer. If you have very oily or dry skin, a primer will also help you correct the corresponding areas. This will ultimately make your skin look more balanced. Depending on the formula, unique products like our Digital Complexion Primer baza za masnu kožu or our Digital Complexion Primer baza za suhu kožu will do the job. You can find more information about them below.

Another benefit of using a primer is the extended durability of your make-up. For example, if you mattify oily skin, fewer spots will appear on your make-up, and excessive shine will be prevented.

How to use Primer

High-quality primers must be used sparingly. If too much primer is applied, it can even negatively affect the durability of your make-up. The idea behind it is rather to achieve the right balance between moisture and a non-greasy finish. To create this balanced skin with the help of a base, it should be applied directly to cleansed skin. Only if your skin is dehydrated it is recommended to use a moisturizer beforehand. You can massage in the primer either with clean fingers or a foundation brush. It is essential to pay attention only to the areas that need filling, mattifying or moisturizing. Before proceeding with the rest of your make-up, allow the primer to absorb into the skin for about 1-2 minutes. This will help you check if it needs more moisture or mattifying in the appropriate areas. Do you have combination skin? Then multi-priming is a good option for you. Simply apply a primer to the relevant areas.

Did you know?

Primer can also be used without make-up. For example, as part of your daily skincare routine. It then helps to visually reduce shiny/oily skin surfaces or make the skin look smoother/less textured.

Our new Digital Complexion Primers

The Digital Complexion range is specifically designed for 4K-technologies. This means your skin will look flawless even without the need for Photoshop or an actual filter in front of any camera. Now we're taking that to the next level with our Digital Complexion Primers. With the perfect primer, your skin will look smoother and more even. Our Digital Complexion Primer baza za masnu kožu or our Digital Complexion Primer baza za suhu kožu will help you with that.

The Digital Complexion Primer for dry skin with plant-based ingredients is perfect for dry to combination skin and ensures optimal hydration. Slight skin irritations are reduced, and dry areas and textures are visually smoothed. You can apply the product as described above to areas that appear dry.

For areas that appear oily, use our Digital Complexion Primer for oily skin. Just like the primer for dry skin, it also conceals fine lines and pores and visually fills them in. Special powder particles ensure that oils and skin shine are minimized. In addition, your skin feels velvety soft afterward.

Since both face primers are of exceptionally high quality, a small pump is enough to conceal the corresponding areas.