Hand of Chatelaine

Due to the nature of Aquacolor, no primer or skin preparation is required.
Step 1
Lavishly embellish each nail with Nakit samoljepljivi dijamanti kristali za tijelo (red) and other red jewels/stones.
Step 2
Now mix Aquacolor 8 ml (080) with water until it reaches a creamy texture. Use synthetic brushes to apply the color to the model's hand and arm. To achieve a smooth gradient between the color and the natural skin, blend out Aquacolor halfway up the arm.
Step 3
To create contrast in the gradient, Aquacolor 8 ml (lake altrot) is now applied to the fingertips all the way to the model's wrist. Make sure that the color 080 still shows through slightly.
Step 4
The next step is to apply Aquacolor 8 ml (071) to each finger and then blend it onto the hand.
Step 5
Mix True Nature Glitter (red) and Polyester Glimmer krupni (bright red) in both fine and medium particles to create a size and color gradient. This mixture is placed on a soft powder brush and dusted over the Aquacolor paints. Then everything is fixed with Fixing Spray 400 ml.
Step 6
Using Pros-Aide - The Original - 50 ml, the last step is to apply Body Jewels in red in various sizes individually and in random clusters to the fingers, hands, and arms.

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