The skin should be cleansed with Natural Micellar Water 120 ml before applying the make-up.
Step 1
HIGHLIGHTER I BRONZER 'Shimmering Event Foundation' (pearl) is applied to the face's highest point to create an icy accent. This also ensures to reduce the impression of warmth.
Step 2
From the Sjenilo za oči paleta 15 boja (Smokey Grey), first dab the Black and Deep Black shades on the lower lash line along the outer corners of the eyes. Blend the corners with a soft brush, leaving the center of the eyelid free of product.
Step 3
Using a mixture of Sjenilo za oči s mat efektom (black) and Sjenilo za oči s mat efektom (deep black), sculpt the face to create sharp contours. Shade from the hairline to the side of the forehead and temples. The color mixture is also applied around the nose. In addition, contour the lower part of the cheekbones and the sides of the chin to create a sunken look. With this technique, you should also follow the natural hollows of the face and neck and shade them using the black color blend.
Step 4
Now, it's time for the lips. Using a small, domed brush, shade the lip line first using Sjenilo za oči s mat efektom (black) and Sjenilo za oči s mat efektom (deep black) and then blend over the natural lip line to create a diffused effect. The corners of the mouth are then drawn slightly inward, blending the shading colors toward the center of the lips on which you apply highlighter & bronzer 'Glamour Glow' (icy blush).
Step 5
Next, highlight the cheekbones, center of the lips, chin, and eyelids with highlighter & bronzer 'Glamour Glow' (icy blush). Use a buffing brush for this.
Step 6
Now, to deepen the effect of the eye make-up, apply HD Cream Liner (ebony) to the lower waterline of both eyes.
Step 7
Use Supracolor 8 ml (lake altrot) to create delicate veins. These run down from the bottom of the smokey eye make-up, following the natural contours of the face under the eyes.
Step 8
In this step, the hair is sprayed with Color Spray (D 40). Shake the can and hold it 5 to 10 inches (15-30 cm) away from the hair. Work your way through the hair in short pump strokes, adding layers of color as needed. It is advisable to cover the face during this process.
Step 9
HD Cream Liner (ebony) is applied around the hair in a freckle-like manner using a fine brush. These dots vary in size and are placed randomly.

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