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Dermacolor Camouflage - A system for all occasions

The Dermacolor Camouflage System has been a leading range in professional make-up since its launch in 1975. From Hollywood blockbusters to the individual customer, the system is able to cover all manner of skin conditions, abnormalities and cosmetic adornments such as tattoos that conventional make-ups simply are not designed for or capable of achieving.

Dermacolor can camouflage conditions such as Vitiligo, hyperpigmentation, dark circles, scarring, bruising, psoriasis, rosacea, acne, liver spots, spider and varicose veins, port wine stains, sun damage and more. This has made the system a popular choice with dermatologists, doctors and consultants all over the world. The intense pigmentation and its extended durability compared to conventional consumer foundations, has led to the fact that Dermacolor has also been selected by make-up artists for bridal, fashion, theater and even for SFX designs.

The System

Dermacolor is a camouflage system. That means that the products are designed to work systematically with each other resulting in a synergistic effect. There is a specific process in which it is important to apply Dermacolor in order to achieve its full potential. First, as in all make-up applications, it is important to ensure the skin is suitably cleansed and primed. There are various cleansers and primers available depending all on the skin type. Color correction is imperative in effectively concealing most skin conditions. The appropriate corrective tone should be applied directly over the discoloration and set with Dermacolor Fixing Powder. Once the skin has been color matched with a suitable skin tone it can then be layered over the top of the powdered corrector color, blending in the edges to the natural surrounding skin. All layers shall be always set with Dermacolor Fixing Powder and left fifteen minutes to achieve maximum resistance against water and heat. Remove excess afterwards. Depending on the area or specific requirements of the client, the next stage to make the look more natural, would be to add in the skin markings like freckles in order to perfectly camouflage the area into the surrounding skin. This final layer also should be set in the same way. Finally, in areas prone to friction with clothing or even to bring back a natural sheen to the surface of the make-up Dermacolor Fixing Spray can be applied for additional endurance.


The main features of the Dermacolor Camouflage System that have made it so popular throughout the world are its incredible durability, intense coverage and concealing capabilities and the fact that it is possible to make the application waterproof. Scientific tests and ECARF certification (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) that Dermacolor has undergone and been awarded proves that this product is suitable for use on sensitive skin, which is essential when considering the concealing of certain skin conditions.
Special ingredients within Dermacolor not only make this product efficient but also caring for the skin. With over thirty percent of its formula containing natural constituents, some of which are almost identical to that of human sebum, it is designed to work harmoniously with the skin. Human sebum is produced by the body’s sebaceous glands and is there to provide lubrication and waterproofing effect to our skin and hair.
Vitamin E is also part of the specially selected ingredients.
There are many papers which claim that vitamin E, as an antioxidant, helps to combat many conditions including wrinkles, reversing age-related skin damage. However, the real benefits behind vitamin E are found in the balance of ‘free radicals’ and ‘antioxidants’. Free radicals in the body are oxygen molecules that have lost an electron, which makes them unstable, interacting with cells in the body in a way that can cause damage. Which can in turn result in premature ageing. Free radicals are naturally created by our bodies as we age but can also be caused by everyday factors like digestion, exercise and pollutions. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals by replacing the missing electrons helping to prevent this process.

Other essential ingredients include strong waxes like Beeswax and Candelilla with their individual attributes contributing to the impressive performance of Dermacolor. Beeswax contains a natural anti-inflammatory that helps to calm and sooth the skin, a great facet when dealing with problematic skin conditions. It is also a natural emulsifier, which means it can bind water and oil together, without this special trait the two would separate which could affect the stability of the foundation. Its durable properties when applied to dry areas of the skin prevent further damage or irritations allowing the skin time to heal. Candelilla wax is produced from the leaves of the shrub, its inclusion in the formula for Dermacolor aids product stability by locking in moisture and prevents the consistency from drying out. Its substance also allows for a smoother application, lubricating the cream enabling it to glide onto the skin. Candelilla is also a natural water repellant, one of the essential ingredients that helps to make the range waterproof.

People that suffer from skin disorders often have more sensitive skin, the inclusion of Titanium Dioxide in the Dermacolor Fixing Powder also incorporates a UV filter into the system, helping to protect the affected areas from potentially damaging solar rays.

Synergy Effects

Another important and crucial feature of the range is its intense coverage. Most high street foundations and concealers contain pigments between 10 – 15%. Dermacolor Camouflage Creme in contrary comes with up to 50% pigmentation which sums up to about 5 times the amount of a usual foundation. It is this concentration that provides its extraordinary coverage.

With that in mind it helps to understand how these particular ingredients are vital in producing the effects of Dermacolor. Every ingredient is carefully selected and combined together to establish the perfect synergy in the Dermacolor Camouflage System. The end result of having a make-up that not only camouflages but is long lasting and waterproof is only achievable when following the correct steps. Without the combination of Dermacolor Camouflage Creme and Dermacolor Fixing Powder the application wouldn’t be waterproof.
This truly fascinating scientific formula is most probably rarely considered when using the range, but as we all revel in the results it’s fair to say that Dermacolor has, literately, changed the face of make-up.

Pro Tipps

1. The Dermacolor Camouflage System is most commonly used for corrective make-ups. But with the release of Make-up Blend it is now possible to use the range to create complete natural make-up looks. Make-up Blend sheers down the consistency of the Dermacolor Camouflage Creme but doesn’t alter the coverage capabilities. When considering this, and the vast range of colors available, it is possible to use Dermacolor for not only foundation but also eye shadows, eyebrows, blusher, eyeliner, lipstick and highlight & contour. Make-up artists are often asked to provide photographers and directors with waterproof make-ups for specific scenes or concepts, using Dermacolor for the entire make-up and applying Dermacolor Fixing Powder and Dermacolor Fixing Spray to set it will always result in a waterproof look.

2. Dermacolor Camouflage Creme is a full coverage make-up, in order to get the smoothest application from the product it is advisable to warm the product on the back of your hand before applying. The body’s natural heat works with the oils in the cream which helps the product to glide more smoothly onto the skin.

3. Dermacolor Camouflage Creme D32, is designed to be a color corrector tone for dark circles or bruising, but artists world-wide have found that the color is absolutely perfect for creating natural looking blushers and lip colors.

4. Mixing a small amount of Dermacolor Body Camouflage with Shimmering Event Foundation is the perfect combination for stunning, blemish free legs and arms. This technique looks stunning for editorials and personal appearances.

5. When using Dermacolor Camouflage Creme to cover scarring, apply a layer of Perfect Matt first, often scarring can tighten or cover over pores resulting in an unstable base for the make-up to adhere to. Perfect Matt provides a porous surface layer for Dermacolor to connect with resulting in a longer lasting coverage.

6. Dermacolor Camouflage Creme can also be mixed with Isopropyl Alcohol and applied directly to prosthetics for realistic skin impressions. The IPA makes the Dermacolor smudge-proof once it has dried.