Pro Tips

Going Bald

Gone are the days of pre-conceived ideology that bald caps are used to simply make a person look older. Bald caps have now become a technique of make-up artistry not confined to theatrical and aging constraints.

Aside from the realistic effects of balding make-ups, this technique is often used in supernatural make-up designs and high fashion looks as seen in two of the creations within Kryolan’s ‘Persephone’s Rise – Queen of the Underworld’ Campaign.
It’s imperative to consider the circumstances in which the bald cap will be used in order to determine the correct type. Rubber Bald Caps contain rubber latex, there is increased flexibility, strength and more movement within them, hence why they are often used amongst performers. Glatzan Bald Caps allow for a perfect and seamless application, the edges can be flawlessly blended using Acetone, essential when filming with High Definition technology which highlights any flaw or imperfection. Bald cap application can seem a daunting task as it involves many processes, requires practise and a knowledge of products - which to use when, compatible adhesives and coloring products. Ensuring the Bald Cap is fitted correctly is essential in achieving a realistic impression, especially with the difficult areas around the neck and ears. To perfect bald cap applications, the hair must be masked by wrapping the hair as flat as possible to the head using GF-Qat to secure it.

The challenge

To recreate the realistic features of skin Special Adhesive B can be stippled using a Rubber Pore Sponge achieving an uneven surface texture. This is followed by coloring and finished with powder. For Latex Bald Caps, Rubber Mask Grease paint provides an intense coloring and it contains Castor Oil which will not deteriorate the Rubber of the bald cap. Alternatively Aquacolor can be used. For long-lasting effects on Glatzan Bald Caps, Dermacolor Camouflage Creme mixed with Isopropyl alcohol or Body Illustration Make-up Colors are the perfect coloring combination. In particular cases of bald cap application over dark hair, use Dermacolor Camouflage Creme in ‘D32’ mixed with alcohol to counteract the darker tones.

Layer for Layer

Despite ready-made bald caps being available, many MUAs prefer to create their own. To create a Glatzan Bald Cap; you can either use a Porcelain or Plastic Red Head – buff away any lines or markings visible on the molds and dust with a coating of powder. This enables the cap to be easily removed without any indents. Spread Glatzan L onto the head mold using a natural hair brush or pink sponge using soft strokes. Repeat this process allowing 10-15 minutes between each layer for drying purposes. To create a highly elastic bald cap apply just 4 layers. For a firmer thicker bald cap 5-6 layers would be suitable. Ensure with each layer you finish at a different point to achieve a graduated, thin edge. For a less glossy bald cap that is more receptive when adding color use Glatzan Matt for the final layer.

It is recommended to allow this to dry overnight, although after 6 hours, following the final layer, you can remove the bald cap to begin the application. If your bald cap has become hardened while storing simply heat with a warm hairdryer to restore it’s elasticity.