Halloween Goth 1

Korak 1Firstly, Dermacolor Moisturizer Cream is applied to cleansed skin to prep the base for the make-up application. HIGHLIGHTER I BRONZER 'Shimmering Event Foundation' (pearl) is then applied all over the skin to give an overall glow and highlight, which will then show from beneath the foundation. 'Ultra Foundation' Kremasti puder (1 W) is then applied to the skin starting in the center and working outwards to ensure the most coverage is concentrated here. This is then built up until the desired coverage and effect are achieved. Dermacolor Camouflage Creme 4 g (D 1 W) is then applied under the eyes and blended into the foundation to add additional coverage and to create a flawless porcelain-looking base. The shade Bon Bon from the Dual Finish paleta 6 boja (Silhouette) is then used under the eyes and around the nose to set the base into place, mattify any excess shine, and to brighten these areas.

Highlight and luminosity are then added to the Complexion using highlighter & bronzer 'Glamour Glow' (icy blush). This is concentrated and buffed intensely onto the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and above the eyebrow to create a cool-toned icy reflection. Slight warmth and contour are then added to the base using the shade Caramel from the Dual Finish paleta 6 boja (Silhouette). This is concentrated and focused through the back of the cheek to contrast against the cool-toned highlight and to give a subtle structure to the face.
Korak 2Baza za sjenilo za oči is then applied all over the mobile lid and blended up to the eyebrow to work as a base for the pigment to then be applied to. This also helps for the skin to be one texture to ensure an even application and blend of product is achieved. Holographic pigmenti (solar) is then applied directly on top of the Eye Shadow Primer to create high reflection, which complements the glow created in the skin. This is then blended up to the brow to achieve a soft transition. HD Cream Liner (ebony) is then applied along the lash line and softly smoked out to diffuse the outer edge. This is then dragged out towards the tail of the eyebrow to create a graphic winged liner.
Korak 3HD Cream Liner (ebony) is then applied inside the waterline to further enhance the depth of the graphic liner. This is also smudged and smoked along the lower lash line to join up with the top winged liner. A coat of Supreme Volume Maskara (black) is then applied to both the top and bottom lashes prior to the application of false eyelashes. TV 4 are firstly measured against the eye to ensure the length is correct. Once this has been determined, TV 4 are then applied along the top lash line following the eyeliner that was previously created.
Korak 4HD Cream Liner (ruby red) is faintly drawn in sketch-like lines ranging in different lengths under the eye to replicate tears. The lengths vary to complement the eye shape and break up the placement of the embellishment that will later be applied. This red tone will also work as a base color to enhance the embellishment further. Hydro Spirit Gum MASTIX LJEPILO 12 ml is then applied directly on top of the HD Cream Liner (ruby red) to work as an adhesive for the glitter. Polyester Glimmer krupni (bright red) and Polyester Glimmer krupni (pastel red) are then mixed in with Polyester Glimmer sitni (bright red) and Polyester Glimmer sitni (pastel red) to create a custom mix of gradients in a red and pink tone to ensure both texture and high reflection and shine is achieved.
Korak 5Lip Stain - mat ruž za usne (ska) and Lip Stain - mat ruž za usne (metal) are mixed together and applied to the lip to create a deep, rich berry tone to complement the eye detail and embellishment. Before the stains set into place, High Gloss sjajilo za usne (catwalk) is then applied on top to create an imperfect mottled effect to contrast against the porcelain base.

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