Halloween Zombie

Korak 1Apply HD Cream Liner (snow) onto the mobile lid up to the brow bone and allow time to set. Sweep Sjenilo za oči s mat efektom (turquoise) as a transition shade through the eyes, creating a soft almond-shaped wing. Contour with Sjenilo za oči s mat efektom (H 21) to add definition into the socket line and to give depth to the smokey finish to the eyes.
Korak 2Apply a small amount of Hydro Spirit Gum MASTIX LJEPILO 12 ml into the center of the eyes, allow going tacky, before pressing in Polyester Glimmer sitni (pearl green) - now it’s even fine to add a highlight effect onto the center of the lid.
Korak 3Apply Trepavice TV 4 Eyelashes using the Ljepilo za trepavice Pro 4 g to the top lash line before using Eye Liner (black) to create a fine winged eyeliner. HD Cream Liner (ebony) is then pressed into the water line to intensely frame the eyes. Supreme Volume Maskara (black) is then applied to the top and bottom lashes.
Korak 4The skin is prepared using Ultra Underbase before a mix of Supracolor 8 ml (green 42), and Supracolor 8 ml (070) is blended in to create a soft turquoise base. Apply evenly and blend so the application isn’t opaque or thick. This is then set with 'Translucent Powder' 60 g puder za fiksiranje (TL 1) using a Premium Powder Puff Pink 8 cm to lock in the base to avoid creasing and removal. Once set, use Viva Brilliant Color (lime) to contour and add definition. Highlight on the highest points of the face with HD Living Color (rose quartz) which is also concentrated into the apples of the cheeks as a blusher.
Korak 5Contour lips with Faceliner olovka za usne i oči (51), apply Lip Stain - mat ruž za usne (disco), and press over with Pure Pigments Metallic (pure magenta) before it fully sets. Finish with pressing into the center of lips HD Living Color (rose quartz), tying in the look with a cohesive color palette.

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